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Peanut Butter Energy Balls

If you have never found yourself at one point in your life scraping peanut butter out the jar with a spoon or even better just your finger then this article isn’t for you, no seriously, you need to click away now…go on. We don’t need your types over here, this is solely for those people who know how peanut butter deserves to be appreciated – not a thin sliver across toast. Good god no, it’s all about the thick layer that almost jams your teeth together.


Still reading? Good.
If you haven’t got it already I like Peanut Butter *correction, I love it. It’s a versatile god send, put it in smoothies, smear it across rice cakes, on sliced bananas, I could go on if you wanted? I have a whole list of Peanut Butter related recipes, so if you are like me and love the stuff then you will love my Peanut Butter Energy Balls. I make these a few times a week because I literally polish off a batch in one go, but they are my ‘healthier’ attempt at trying to avoid eating the whole jar and bad snacks, so this is a good thing right?


These are the perfect little pick me up to keep you going throughout the day, make a batch the night before then take them into work to snack on or give them to the boyfriend to take surfing. I take these with me whenever I travel as I usually can’t eat the plane food and it’s my favourite travel tip. They literally are incredible, no like seriously good, and dare I say it…healthy? All natural, no added sugars just the natural sweetness from dates and additional honey. You can literally throw any type of fruit or nut in here so play about making your own energy balls, it’s certainly better than spending loads on the ones you see in a shop.


What you’ll need –

– bag of salted peanuts 250g
– honey
– desiccated coconut
– handful of pitted dates
– chia seeds


What you’ll need to do –

– throw everything into your blender
– blitz together until everything’s mixed up and fairly smooth
– empty your mix onto a board, it should already be sticking together
– then roll into balls, mine are never that circular – surprisingly its Jonny who’s mastered these ones


What do you think?
This is what we used to make our Raw Cheesecake base, pretty tasty huh? I’m literally obsessed, just see if you have better will power than me and they can last a few days, mine are usually gone in an hour. Just taste them…can you blame me?



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