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Strawberry Chia Seeded Pudding

Right now Chia Seeds are the hot new kid on the block.

They are the big player right now on the health scene, only problem is I’m slightly afraid of them. When I first saw them in those Chiapods in the supermarket I thought they looked like frogspawn. I mean what do you even do with them? But then the other morning I had possibly the most incredible breakfast ever with them in this gorgeous coconut yoghurt and  fresh fruits, and I figured it was about time to give them a second chance.

Only issue is now how to even come close to recreating it, but we gave it a good go and safe to say this is going to be a permanent feature in our fridge.

It can be hard to think of breakfast ideas that are gluten free, and I struggle to eat big breakfasts every morning. I always crave something like porridge but the GF versions can be very expensive so this makes for a great and healthy alternative. If I need something light and simple for breakfast I’d normally grab some yoghurt and a banana but I was surprised at how easy it was to incorporate Chia seeds to this. If you mix them and leave them in a jar with your yoghurt over night then it gives the yoghurt a bit more about it and it tastes great.

What you’ll need –

  • pack of Chia seeds
  • Mango and Blueberry yoghurt
  • milk
  • strawberries
  • tin of passionfruit pulp
  • vanilla essence
  • air tight jar

What you’ll need to do –

  • empty your yoghurt into the jar
  • add in 5 big tablespoons of the Chia seeds, a drop of the vanilla extract and a large splash of milk and mix together
  • leave in the fridge over night
  • mix in the fresh strawberries and passionfruit pulp
  • dig in

I love how this dish looks and sounds impressive but really it’s so easy to throw together, plus you can play about with whatever you want to put in it, whatever flavour yoghurt, and all the fresh fruits your heart desires. The more the better I say.

But the best thing about it has to be all the benefits of the Chia seeds, they are low in calories, high in protein, and full of nutrients so this is literally the perfect healthy gluten free breakfast.

So mix up a jar and try it today.



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