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Top Paddock

You’re probably thinking, ‘O look another brunch post’. But what can you do when there’s so many places crying out to be visited and we will happily volunteer to eat our way around Melbourne or any place for that matter. First things first though is getting to grips with the local places near by and luckily for us one of these places is the very popular Top Paddock. And by popular I mean a good 40 minute wait outside on the curb popular.


I always think a queue outside a place can almost be a bad thing, it’s obviously good because clearly it means the place is popular but then it builds up your expectations which is dangerous because then you’re expecting big things and the slightest fault and you’re let down. Just me?
But luckily Pillar of Salt are well prepared for the constant crowds for brunch. The lone barista was serving up coffees quicker than people were ordering, Jonny was suitably impressed and the coffee passed his critical taste test. One tick. The service was efficient and fast, each waitress clearly used to the constant flow and pressure. My only fault being that as soon as you’ve finished that final mouthful then your bill will be prompted from you so don’t even think about taking a breathe and sitting back for a second to digest, no no. You have almost outstayed your welcome to be jostled out for the waiting list. But after a good coffee, well it’s almost enough to forgive them.


We’ve started to become those people that Instagram stalk a place before we go to see how good it looks and get excited. So Jonny already knew what he was ordering before we sat down. The power of a good filter. But apparently the Soft Shell Crab Burger was just as good as it looked…


I went for the Broccolini, avocado and poached eggs on toast, being greedy and adding on mushrooms, this dish came and it was a beast. Definitely don’t bother adding on bits unless you’re beyond starving. But it was well worth it, a really tasty brunch.


This place is worth a breakfast date just be prepared to join the rest of South Yarra who also had the same idea. Luckily you an grab one of their takeaway coffees whilst you wait, find an empty patch of grass and settle down until you hear the sweet sound of your table being called.


Find Top Paddock here –

658 Church Street,
Richmond, 3121

Top Paddock on Urbanspoon

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