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Waterfalls in Lombok

Whilst we were waiting for our flight to Bali, Jonny and I sat and made our bucket list for the trip. It’s become our little ritual before we go somewhere to make a note on our phone of everything we want to do and then we try to work through it and tick it off. It can include anything: eating a particular meal, to have a Mojito whilst watching sunset on a beach, visit a special landmark… our way of making sure we don’t forget something and get even more excited at the same time, plus I’m a sucker for a list of any kind.
Anyway back to the point, at the top of Jonnys Bucket list was: – visit the waterfalls in Lombok, and who am I to stand in the way of a guy and his waterfalling dreams.


Whoever told you not to go chasing waterfalls clearly hasn’t ever hiked to the waterfalls at the base of Mt Rinjani, Incredible (and sorry about the reference, but I mean really, what would a waterfall feature be without that song). These are probably the most famous waterfalls in Lombok and these beauties are well worth the hike, don’t worry it’s really nothing strenuous, the only sweat you’re breaking is due to the clammy heat and there’s a well deserved dip at the foot of Tiu Kelep Waterfall to cool you off.


First off, don’t be conned into paying for a guide, I’ll march you there myself if you really think you need one, you don’t. We managed it breezily unassisted, we walked up the road at the foot of Mt Rinjni, near all the trek centres, pass the John Adventure building on the left and look out for the handmade waterfall sign, trust us this ways much better than the ‘official way’ with all the steps. We are going cross country, follow the path away from the road through the rice fields, stopping to pay the uniformed guy who appears out of a bush the 10,000IDR entrance fee and follow the water.


There’s a pretty remarkable canal running down from the waterfall that you follow up stream for about 20minutes as it weaves in and out of the rock and under bridges making for a peaceful walk as you amble along through the gorgeous country. Imagine the fun if you had a lilo and could just float all the way back down?

IMG_2330 copyIMG_2334  The greenery here is beautiful and impressively vast, you might not be able to see the waterfall yet but you’ll start hearing it. Even better we didn’t see another soul until we got close to the first fall, Sedang Gile. Unfortunately you do see a fair few people here, or at least the remains of their visit, litter and some weird ramshackle shelters that seem to serve only as an unnecessary eye sore but don’t panic it’s not even close to being enough to detract away from this natural beauty. 

IMG_2393IMG_2323 copyDon’t be content with this first fall though, it’s about to get even better. Getting to the second fall is where the fun began, well unless you’re not the biggest fan of heights – there’s a bridge you’re not going to be too fond of. However guideless and free from other groups it was like we were exploring out on our own in the rainforest. Even better is when you reach the river crossing, no time for frills, take your trainers off and plunge in, Indianna Jones eat your heart out, or in my case attempt a feeble Tarzan impression…

IMG_2450IMG_2455IMG_2426 copy

I don’t think any words or even pictures will do our final destination justice, Tiu Kelep waterfall is well worth of the phrase breath-taking. The sheer size and power of the waterfall is incredible, but don’t just take our word for it, you must try and visit here and strip off for a dip in the plunge pool at the bottom.


A beautiful day trip.

– You can find both these waterfalls in the North of Lombok in the National Park at the foot of Mt. Rinjani.


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