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Death Valley Road Trip

Death Valley – doesn’t exactly sound like somewhere three girls should drive out to in the middle of the night to camp out, something smells like American horror story. But I can promise you when you crawl out of your tent at 5am for the sunrise it’s all going to be more than worth it.


It’s going to take away the painful memory of that 4 hour drive out of Vegas, your hire car breaking within the first half hour forcing you to turn back and the manual labour of lugging all those gallons of water into the boot because Death Valley hands down has some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen.


You have never seen such a unique variety of landscapes in one place, no pictures, words or Instagram filters seem to do justice – trust me we’ve tried, leaving you no choice but to take our word for it and go and see for yourself. After 2 nights in Vegas you couldn’t get further away (literally – we drove to California for gods sake) So if you are ever that way: hit Vegas for a few nights then hire a car, book a tent, load up on road trip snacks and off you go.


For the hottest place on Earth it seems ironic that the weekend we visit the place was flooded for the first time with a 1,000 year storm. But it did mean a lot of the National Park was closed not that that had any impact on the incredible views you can see on the drive. Keep an eye out for Ballarat, a tiny ghost town, abandoned all except for Old Man Rock. If you’re lucky he’ll let you play on his piano and offer you Moonshine. You can’t make this stuff this stuff up.


I have never been somewhere that has so many different landscapes in one place, one minute you’re stood in the Valley of Fire surrounded by mountains looking down this deserted road with not another car in sight, then you could be at the Mesquite Sand Dunes or  walking across the Salt Flats at Badwater Basin. You’ve got to give it to the area – it’s definitely anything but expected.


It’s pretty simple really – go here. Words and photographs can not do justice to such an incredible place. If ever you needed a good example of escaping and peace and quiet you won’t find a more suitable place. The beauty of nature at it’s purest.


Photography by Karen Mowery


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