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Sea-Salad. Make Salad.

A few weeks ago we finally ticked off the Great Ocean Road. 5 people, 1 hippy-looking van, a few surfboards and for some strangely convenient reason someone brought soy sauce?


On the second day whilst us girls were sunbathing away the lads being lads got bored and had gone for a stroll down the beach when they saw a man walking back from the rocks with a huge armful of seaweed.
He intended to cook and eat what he’d found, “good with beer” he said. That was good enough for us.

After the guys pulled a few large ribbons of seaweed fresh from the rocks we attempted to recreate our own masterpiece out the back of the van. We blanched the huge green like tentacles in a saucepan then they were thinly diced and seasoned with olive oil and the soy sauce before dinner was served for the night. Simple but effective.

IMG_8806 copy

So next time you’re at the beach you need to try this, how much more authentic and fresh can you get. And yeah it might have been a little chewy but it makes for a good story right?


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